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Archaeological Museum in the UAE, Sharjah Resort

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The Archaeological Museum is located in the Al Abar quarter. The doors of the museum have been open to visitors since 1997.

In 1970, archaeological excavations began in Sharjah, which were carried out by archaeologists   different countries. All the finds they discovered are now on display in the archaeological museum. The oldest finds date back to 5000 BC. In those ancient times, Sharjah was a swampy area inhabited by fishermen.

Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi (ruler of the emirate of Sharjah) attaches great importance to culture and science, therefore, to the development of relevant institutions ... For this purpose, a new archaeological museum was established in Sharjah, which stores rich historical information about the ancestors. The Archaeological Museum is a place where children learn about traditions and customs.

All exhibits are presented creatively. All of them are displayed in chronological order from the most ancient to the heyday of Islam. It combines traditional display methods with modern innovations.

The museum displays jewelry, ancient household items, coins, ancient weapons, ceramics and other finds found in the region. It will be equally interesting to see models of horse tombs, dwellings of different times and other structures.

In order to easily and quickly find information about a particular subject, the exhibition halls are equipped with computer systems. Children are given the opportunity to explore the past in the form of a game.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in the UAE, Sharjah Resort.Archaeological Museum in the UAE, Sharjah Resort

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