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UAE Maritime Museum, Sharjah Resort

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The Maritime Museum was opened in 2009 in the Khan area, with the aim of preserving the great maritime heritage of the Emirate of Sharjah and conducting educational activities.

The sea and everything associated with it played an important role in the development of the country and became the first reason why the first settlements appeared here. Sheikh Sultan Ali Qasimi (ruler of the UAE) himself was present at the opening of the museum.

The maritime museum displays a large collection of wooden seagoing boats (dhows), which were used for fishing, pearling and trade. Unique exhibits are a collection of tools and   pearl divers' gadgets and a collection of unique amazing pearls.

The museum contains photographs of captains and famous sailors. Among the exhibits you can find representatives of the marine fauna and flora. You can also listen to old sea songs in the museum.

The Maritime Museum was built for further development, as part of a marine park, where in the near future it is planned to restore the old buildings of the Han area and create a large aquarium. The museum will be an irreplaceable part of the architectural ensemble of the marine park.  


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Topic: UAE Maritime Museum, Sharjah Resort.UAE Maritime Museum, Sharjah Resort

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