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Piazza Signori in Italy, Verona resort

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Piazza Signori is a luxurious square located in the central part of Verona near Piazza delle Erbe. The square is surrounded by historic buildings that remind of the important role of this place in the social and political life of the city. On the square you can see the Loggia del Consiglio, Palazzo del Capitanio, Palazzo del Comune, etc. All the facades of the buildings are connected by arches, most of which were built in the XIV century. Even despite the diversity of architectural styles, the square as a whole has a rather organic look.

Not far from the Loggia del Consiglio is the House of Piety. In the 15th century, this building was the property of a notary public. Soon the house decided to purchase Galasso Pio da Carpi, however, in 1409, the House of Mercy took over the building. During the same period, the building took on a simple Renaissance style. A bas-relief depicting a woman holding a flag has been preserved on the facade of the building to this day. The woman symbolizes Verona, under the auspices of the Venetian Republic.

The arches also deserve attention. Before the construction of the Loggia del Consiglio was completed, the City Council decided to install a couple of statues on the arch leading from Via delle Foggio. Initially, the statue of Saint Zinon was chosen for the arch - ndash; patron saint of the city, but in 1559 a statue of Girolamo Fracastoro, who was a great physician, astronomer and poet, was placed on the arch instead. The statue was made in the form of Girolamo, holding a model of the globe in his hands. In 1756 an arch leading from Via Barbaro, was decorated with a statue of Scipione Maffei. In 1925, both of these statues were replaced by those of Enrico Noris – theologian and historian, and Onofrio Panvinio – archaeologist.

In 1575, an arch was erected leading to Via Dante, connecting Palazzo del Capitanio and Palazzo del Comune.

One of the main attractions of the square is the monument to Dante. In 1865, the country was going to solemnly celebrate the 600th anniversary of this great Italian poet. The Society of Fine Arts proposed to install a statue of Dante on Piazzo Signori. In 1863, the city government announced a competition for the best design, which was won by the architect Ugo Zannoni.

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Topic: Piazza Signori in Italy, Verona resort.Piazza Signori in Italy, Verona resort

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