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Piazza delle Erbe in Italy, Verona resort

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Piazza delle Erbe is a square built on the site of the ancient forum.

The square is rectangular. On all sides it is surrounded by buildings built in different eras.

House of merchants – building in the Gothic style, during the Middle Ages served as the seat of professional corporations. By the decree of Alberto della Scala, a loggia was added to the house in 1301, and in the 19th century, during the restoration work on the building, the Gibelline battlements appeared.

Tower del Gardelo was erected by decree of Cansignorio della Scala in 1370. In 1626, an attic was erected on its top, decorated with Ghibelline battlements.

Palazzo Maffei is a Baroque building, built on the site of a building dating from the 13th century. The balustrade of the palace is decorated with statues of ancient gods – Apollo, Hercules, Minerva, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Right in front of the palace there is a pillar topped with a statue of a winged lion – symbol of Venice, under whose patronage Verona was for 400 years.

The Lamberti Tower is 83 meters high. The tower was built by the Lamberti family in 1172. In 1464, the Marangon and Regno bells were installed on the tower.

The Mazzanti house is famous for its colorful facade, which in the 16th century was painted with frescoes on the theme of mythology.

The fountain of the Vienna Madonna is located in the central part of the square. It also houses the aedicle of 'Berlin', which was used for the ceremonial performance.

Piazza delle Erbe, along with other attractions in Verona, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Piazza delle Erbe in Italy, Verona resort.Piazza delle Erbe in Italy, Verona resort

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