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Hainich National Park in Germany

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Hainich National Park is the thirteenth national park in Germany, the only one in Thuringia. The park, founded in 1997, aims to protect the local beech forest. The park covers an area of 76 square kilometers and is located in a triangle between the German cities of Muhlhausen, Eisenach and Bad Langensalz.

Hainich is home to a wide variety of plant species, among which, in addition to the most common forest beech , ash, mountain ash, glogovina, maple, linden; there are also mushrooms and primroses. The fauna of the park is no less interesting: forest cat, 14 species of bats, black stork, 7 species of woodpeckers and various insects live here.


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Topic: Hainich National Park in Germany.Hainich National Park in Germany

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