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Felsenkirche (Idar-Oberstein) in Germany

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Felsenkirche (Idar-Oberstein) - a church built on the side of a cliff (literally -"a church in the rock"), in 1482-1484. The rock, called Kirchenfelsen, rises above Oberstein - part of the city of Idar-Oberstein. At the top of the cliff are the ruins of the ancient castle-fortress Bosselstein, built in the XII century. The church was built by order of Virich IV von Down-Oberstein. At the end of the 20th century, a tunnel through the rock was built to the entrance to the church.

A legend is associated with the church, which tells about the construction of the first chapel on this site. In the middle of the 12th century, two brothers, Virich and Emich, lived in Bosselstein. They both fell in love with Bertha von Liechstenburg. Virih, who learned that his brother loved the same girl, flew into a rage and threw his brother out of the castle window. A few years later, deeply repenting, Virich confessed his atrocity to the abbot. He advised him to build a chapel on the site of his brother's death, this would atone for his sin. When the construction of the chapel was completed, Virich turned to God with a request to give him a sign of forgiveness. Then a pure spring came from the rock, which still flows. But when the chapel was illuminated, Virich fell dead at the altar. So the guilt was redeemed completely.


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Topic: Felsenkirche (Idar-Oberstein) in Germany.Felsenkirche (Idar-Oberstein) in Germany

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