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Castle of Cheverny in France, Loire Valley resort

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Castle of Cheverny – Loire castle, located in the Sologne region.   The estate was owned by the Counts de Cheverny, until King Henry II of Valois in the 16th century seized the land in favor of the state, and then presented them to his beloved Diana de Poitiers.

Project the castle was created by Jacques Bougier, a student of Salomon de Bross, who led the construction of the Parisian residence. The construction of this castle was carried out from 1624 to 1630, and the interior decoration was completed by 1650. On the site of the castle, at the beginning of the XIV century, there was a mill.

The manor house is distinguished by late Renaissance architecture. Philippe Huro was the first owner of the estate. In 1802, his descendants had to sell the castle and adjacent lands, but after the Napoleonic wars they brought him back. The Yuro family still owns the castle.

It is noteworthy that the Cheverny castle is one of the first castles open to the public for tourists (in 1914). Due to the fact that the Cheverny castle was in the hands of one dynasty, the original interiors and portraits made by the best painters of France of that period are best preserved here.

Today   Cheverny Castle is famous for its kennels (more than six dozen dogs) and dog hunts, which are held regularly.
Attention is also drawn to the park areas, a decorative garden for holidaymakers in the French style. The castle and its surroundings served as a model for Herge (Belgian comic book artist) when creating Moulinsar Castle in one of his comics, which undoubtedly attracts fans of this work. Cheverny Castle, like many of the Loire castles, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Topic: Castle of Cheverny in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle of Cheverny in France, Loire Valley resort

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