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Valence Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Valence Castle – one of the famous Loire castles, protected by UNESCO as part of the Valance World Heritage Site, is considered an example of French classicism with elements of the Empire style. The castle existing today was built in the XVI – XVIII centuries. on the site of a demolished 12th century fortress.

In 1719, the castle was acquired by the Scottish financier John Law. After him, the castle was replaced by many more owners. The aristocratic family Talleyrand owned the castle for 150 years. By order of Napoleon, and with his help, Charles Talleyrand acquired the castle in 1803 so that it would have an appropriate place to receive foreign ambassadors. Next to the Orangery, a theater was set up for foreign guests and even prisoners, with a capacity of 150 people. The theater was opened in 1810 and all the famous actors of that time performed on its stage. And today in this theater performances and concerts are shown for tourists. The castle of Valence was held for six years by Ferdinand VII, the deposed king of Spain.

After Talleyrand's death, the castle was owned by his descendants, who tried to maintain the environment created by their ancestor. At the beginning of the 20th century, a regular park with an area of 54 hectares was laid out around the castle. Talleyrand in 1806 gave the park an `` English style '', filling it with Turkish pavilions, Chinese bridges. The park has preserved a glacier and a rotunda `` Ballroom ''. During World War II, some of the Louvre's treasures (Venus de Milo and Nika of Samothrace) were hidden in the castle. In 1979, the castle was referred to the possession of the Association of Historic Castles of France.

Interest for tourists is the museum of vintage cars, and exotic animals appeared in the park to attract visitors: llamas, peacocks and others. Also in the park there is an unusual chessboard, made up of 66 flower squares, separated by thirty walkways.   In 2010, a new 600 square meter garden of aromatic culinary plants was laid out in the castle in memory of Antonen Karem, the famous chef of the 19th century. It hosts odor-guessing games for children and adults. There is also a bookstore in the park.

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Topic: Valence Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Valence Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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