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Castle in Litomysl, Czech Republic

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Litomysl Castle is one of the finest examples of Renaissance castle architecture in Eastern and Central Europe. In 1999, the castle was declared a World Heritage Site.

The castle was built according to the design of the architect Giovanni Batista Aostalli in 1568-1581. The castle was specially built for Vratislav Pernstein – Chancellor of the Bohemian Kingdom. The chapel of St. Monica, made in the late Gothic style, became part of the castle complex.

After the Pernsteins, the castle was acquired by the Trauttmansdorff family, who owned the castle until 1753. They were replaced by the Waldstein family. In the XVIII – XX century, in accordance with tastes, the decoration of the chambers was repeatedly updated. At the Trauttmansdorffs 'Hall of Mirrors' was decorated with battle canvases in honor of Eugene of Savoy.

In 1796, by order of Count Waldstein, a theater stage was arranged in the castle, which has also survived to our time. The decoration of the theater was designed by the court artist Dominik Dvorak. Roles in theatrical performances were performed both by the count himself and by his relatives.

In 1855, the castle was bought at auction by the princes of Thurn-y-Taxis, who rarely visited the estate. After World War II, Litomysl Palace was nationalized and soon opened to the public as the Museum of Czech Music. An opera festival is held in the castle every year.

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Topic: Castle in Litomysl, Czech Republic.Castle in Litomysl, Czech Republic

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