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Tiefurt Castle and Park in Germany, Weimar Resort

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Tiefurt Castle is one of the most interesting buildings in Weimar.

This small and seemingly modest building was built for a tenant of a land estate in 1765. In 1776 the estate became the residence of Karl's younger brother August – Friedrich Ferdinand Constantine. Soon, the building underwent reconstruction work, during which it was expanded and turned into a castle. In the same period, a beautiful English-style park was laid out around the castle, which included benches, park buildings, paths and different types of plantings.

Since 1781, Duchess Anna Amalia lived in the castle , Konstantin's mother, who continued to develop and decorate the park. Under Anna Amalia, a monument to Leopold, Mozart, Constantine, a tea house, a Temple of the Muses and a memorial stone to Herder were erected in the park. At that time, the castle was the center of social life – literary evenings, various performances were held here, and the castle was also the site of publication of the mini-magazine Journal von Tiefurt.

At the beginning of the 19th century, after the plundering of the park and the castle by the French army, as well as after the death of Anna Amalia, life in the castle froze. Updates and transformations of the park were started only in 1846-1850. Eduard Petzold supervised the landscape works. Soon, the castle regained its significance and former beauty. A number of decorative buildings and monuments have been preserved in the park to this day.

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Topic: Tiefurt Castle and Park in Germany, Weimar Resort.Tiefurt Castle and Park in Germany, Weimar Resort

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