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Gendarmenmarkt in Germany, health resort Berlin

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Gendarmenmarkt – one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The square is dominated by the Concert Hall, the French Cathedral and the German Cathedral.

The square, designed by Johann Arnold Nering, appeared after 1688. Then it was part of Friedrichstadt, a suburb of Berlin. In this quarter, French Huguenots were settled, to whom the Great Elector Frederick Wilhelm guaranteed freedom and civil rights.

After 1701, two churches, Lutheran and French, were built on the square, however, without towers.

In the years 1780-1785. under Frederick II, two identical domed towers were erected. At the same time, the square acquired a modern look.

The square was founded in the 17th century as a market place and was called `` Lindenmarkt '', later, from the beginning of the 18th century to 1786 – Mittelmarkt or `` Friedrichstadt market '', a little later – New Market. The square received its present name in 1799. In 1736, by order of Frederick Wilhelm I, the stables of the elite Prussian cavalry (cuirassier regiment of"gendarmes") were built on the square, it is to them that the square owes its name.

In 1773, the stables were demolished, the vacated square was built up with three-storey buildings, and between the churches a small French comedy theater arose, in the place of which in 1800 - 1802. the National Theater was built. This building burned down in 1817. The modern building of the Royal Drama Theater (Concert Hall) was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1821. A monument to Schiller was unveiled in front of the theater in 1869, and therefore in the period from 1871 to 1936 this part of the square was called Schillerplatz.

During the Second World War, the square was strong destroyed. In 1950, in honor of the 250th anniversary of the Prussian Academy of Sciences, it was renamed Academy Square. The historical name Gendarmenmarkt returned to the square in 1991. Today there are many shops, restaurants and hotels.


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Topic: Gendarmenmarkt in Germany, health resort Berlin.Gendarmenmarkt in Germany, health resort Berlin

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