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Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in France

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At the moment, under the name of the Abbey, an architectural ensemble and a part of a protected area are united.

The Abbey is located on the island of the same name in Normandy. The rocky landscape of this island is very often depicted in souvenirs sold throughout the country.

The history of the Abbey dates back to the Early Middle Ages. The first fortifications appeared here in the 8th century. For several centuries, the fortress grew and became stronger and stronger. The main opponents of the French at that time were the Vikings, later – already organized troops of Scandinavia.

Throughout the history of France, the Abbey played important strategic roles. Until the 17th century, when the main premises of the monastery were given over to cells. Since that time, the prison for political prisoners began to be jokingly called the Free Mountain.

Until the 19th century, this place was used for anything but religious services. A sewing manufactory for the production of hats was even opened in the church building.

At the end of the 20th century, the buildings of the Abbey and part of the surrounding area were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
In terms of the number of visits, this attraction is second only to the Eiffel Tower. According to unofficial data, about 3 million tourists and pilgrims from all over the world come here every year.  

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Topic: Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in France.Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in France

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