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City of Sartene in France, resort of Corsica

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The city of Sartene is a city located on the western coast of the island of Corsica and is the administrative center of the Corsica department. The writer Prosper Merimee wrote of Sartene as “the most Corsican of all Corsican cities,” and the 19th century chronicler Gregorovius spoke of him as a city inhabited by demons. Such conflicting opinions are due to the fact that the city, very picturesque and beautiful, is considered the unofficial capital of the Corsican mafia. For tourists, Sartene is an old town with traditional buildings and first-class wines.

The history of the town is not very rich - until the 18th century it was raided by Algerian pirates; it is famous for its architecture and customs. Sartene is divided into two parts: the Lower and the Upper Town. In the city center - Freedom Square, on which the city hall is located.

In Sarten, there is the notorious Place Porta, where acts of vendetta and blood feud were carried out in the Middle Ages; unique Prehistoric Museum; Saint-Marie church, founded in 1760; Hubernator's Palace; old quarters with narrow streets are lined with houses that resemble fortresses.

Good Friday is the most widely celebrated day in the city. During this period, the city is full of tourists. On Good Friday, a theatrical procession of Canenaccio takes place around the city, from the Church of Saint-Marie to the Chapel of San Sebastien. At the head of the crowd are two heroes - the Great Sinner in a red cloak and the Small Sinner in white. The Great Sinner carries a heavy wooden cross; his legs are shackled, so he often falls; The Lesser Sinner supports him. The people in these roles remain unknown.

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Topic: City of Sartene in France, resort of Corsica.City of Sartene in France, resort of Corsica

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