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Hofburg Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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For many centuries, the Hofburg Palace was the official residence of influential people in Austria, including the Habsburg dynasty. Today this palace is the residence of the current President of Austria.

The Hofburg Palace is a huge complex of buildings that are interconnected. It includes 19 courtyards, 18 buildings, 2600 rooms and 54 stairs. The very first building of the palace was built in 1279. Today, out of 2,600 rooms, only about 20 rooms are open to the eyes of visitors.

The oldest part of the complex is the Swiss Courtyard, named after the Swiss guard that guarded the palace. The architectural styles of the palace are often not in harmony with each other, since each new owner of a magnificent structure destroyed part of the work of his predecessors and added something of his own. Over its centuries-old history, the Hofburg Palace has survived a severe fire and three sieges.  

Currently, the Hofburg Palace is a complex of museums. Tourists can visit three museums:
  • The Imperial Apartments or simply the apartment of Emperor Franz Joseph. Here you can see a bedroom, a private office, an audience apartment, as well as halls in which visitors were expected to receive.
  • The Sisi Museum is represented by the rooms of Franz Joseph's wife Elisabeth, where some of her outfits are presented - very beautiful and elegant dresses ... Since Elizabeth led a healthy lifestyle and did gymnastics every morning, in her room you can see the prototype of the Swedish wall.
  • A collection of porcelain and silver. Here are presented very luxurious and interesting cutlery and sets.

In addition to museums, in the palace it will be no less interesting to look at the state halls, the Augustinian church of the XIV century, the national library, the Spanish a riding school and the Imperial Chapel, where a boys' choir performs every Sunday.

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Topic: Hofburg Palace in Austria, Vienna spa.Hofburg Palace in Austria, Vienna spa

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