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Moulin Rouge in France, Paris resort

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The most famous cabaret in the world is the same age as the Eiffel Tower. This institution was built for the World's Fair of 1889 and opened on the same day.

It was on the stage of this cabaret that the cancan became popular. Here, at the very end of the 19th century, during one of the numbers, the dancer completely undressed. This day is considered to be the day of the appearance of striptease.

Cabaret programs have always been distinguished by both defiant eroticism and at the same time extreme entertainment. Here, despite the not too large size of the auditorium, world premieres of operettas, circus revues were staged, as well as concerts of world famous chansonniers.

During the World Wars, the cabaret activity was suspended. In 1915, there was a big fire here, the Moulin Rouge was rebuilt for about 5 years.

By the end of the 20th century, cabaret had become something more than a venue for erotic shows. In the 70s, a huge aquarium was installed here, in which an underwater show with nude performers is still held today. The show culminates in an underwater dance with live snakes.

By 1990, the Moulin Rouge was going through financially tough times. The decade of crisis ended with the film Moulin Rouge! in 2001. Thanks to the film, it was possible to attract not only tourists to the cabaret, but also the native French. The program was also updated, new artists, dancers and acrobats appeared, whose performances were combined into an extensive program ``

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Topic: Moulin Rouge in France, Paris resort.Moulin Rouge in France, Paris resort

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