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Elise-Montmartre in France, Paris resort

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The first cabaret in Paris, which became a legendary holiday destination.

The cabaret was built at the very beginning of the 20th century, and it was here, not in the Moulin Rouge the cancan is said to have been performed for the first time. For almost a century, this cabaret was the main entertainment center of Paris. But in 1899, the Moulin Rouge was built, and Elise's popularity gradually began to decline.

By 1980, the cabaret management decided to major redevelopment of the concert hall. The seating capacity was increased to 1,200, nearly 400 more than the Moulin Rouge. Competition in dance programs turned out to be meaningless, and Elise-Montmartre focused on comedy shows, which began to attract huge crowds of Parisians, and the hall began to fill again.

At the moment, the cabaret has survived a major fire in 2011. The interior has been badly damaged, and repairs are underway. However, some of the premises are available for excursions.


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Topic: Elise-Montmartre in France, Paris resort.Elise-Montmartre in France, Paris resort

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