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Fort Saint Jean in France, Marseille resort

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Fort Saint Jean is one of the two forts preceding the entrance to the Old Port of Marseille.

This fort was built in 1660 to improve the defenses of the city's bay ... But the specificity of the public sentiment of those years was such that the first years after the completion of the construction of the fort's cannons were directed to the city itself – so often unrest broke out in it.

The architectural style of the fort was determined by the requirements of the townspeople – It was believed that fortresses in Marseille were not only effective and impregnable, but also no less beautiful.

During the construction, the fort served as a union of several earlier buildings: this is a tower of the 15th century and the headquarters of the crusaders. When the walls were completed, these two independent buildings merged into one Fort St. Jean.

In the 18th century, the fort began to be used as a prison for the French aristocracy. The fort was later converted into a training base for the Foreign Legion. The Fort performed this function until 1960, when it was decided to make the Fort a historical monument and open it to visitors.

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Topic: Fort Saint Jean in France, Marseille resort.Fort Saint Jean in France, Marseille resort

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