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Pont Marie Bridge in France, Paris resort

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The history of this bridge is primarily associated with the development of the Ile Saint-Louis, located a few kilometers north of Cite.

Construction of mansions for the Parisian nobility began on the island around 1614, in the first years after the two small islands were joined into one. The name Saint-Louis refers to the name of Louis XIII, on whose orders the island began to settle down.

The ferry originally built here soon became irrelevant, and it was decided to build a bridge. Pont-Marie was erected in 1664, the year of the official completion of the last mansion on the island.

According to popular misconception, it is believed that Marie – this is an abbreviated form of Marie de Medici, whose son was the French king, however, this is not at all the case. The bridge bears the name of the architect who designed and supervised the construction of the bridge – Christophe Marie. According to the historical fact, Louis XIII at the time of the construction of the island was in a big quarrel with his mother, which also contradicts the version that the name of the bridge was dedicated to her.

Now the Pont-Marie bridge is a completely pedestrian zone. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the bridge has been included in the list of protected historical monuments in Paris.

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Topic: Pont Marie Bridge in France, Paris resort.Pont Marie Bridge in France, Paris resort

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