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Palazzo Corvaja in Italy, Sicily resort

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Korvaja is a medieval palace built by the Arabs in the X century.

The palace got its name in honor of one of the important aristocratic families of Taormina – Korvakha. The Korvaja owned the palazzo from 1538 to 1945.

It is worth paying attention to the ancient Arab tower, created in the shape of a cube. The courtyard also features Arabic influences. In the 13th century, the lower part of the tower was expanded during construction work. At the same time, a staircase was erected leading to a decorated balcony.

The staircase is decorated with three magnificent panels, made of Syracuse stone. On the first panel, you can see the creation of Eve, on the next panel - – original sin, and on the latter – expulsion of Adam and Eve. In the 15th century, the right wing was added to the palace, where the Sicilian Parliament was sitting at that time.

In the 16th century, the palace was acquired by the Korvach family, who actively participated in the cultural and political life of the city. In 1945, reconstruction work began in the palace, led by Armando Dillo. In the course of the work, all the styles inherent in the palace were restored – Norman and Arabic. In 2009, the palace housed the office of the Tourism and Hospitality Association.


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Topic: Palazzo Corvaja in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Corvaja in Italy, Sicily resort

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