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Lenin Monastery in Germany

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Lenin Monastery – the former abbey of the Cistercian order, located in the community of Kloster-Lenin. Founded in 1180, the abbey was secularized in 1542. Since 1911, the monastery of Louise Henrietta has been located here.

The Lenin Monastery, towering near the Monastery Lake and surrounded by picturesque forests and reservoirs, was founded as a daughter monastery of one of the main Cistercian abbeys of Morimon. The legend associated with its founding has entered German literature. According to her, Otto I, tired after hunting, fell asleep under a spreading oak tree and had a dream in which a white deer came to him, trying to kill him. Then Otto asked for help from Christ. The vision of the deer disappeared. Waking up he ordered to build a fortress on this place in honor of Christ and for protection from pagan gods. This legend is presented in literary processing in the novel by Theodore Fontane `` Before the assault '' and in the novel Mr. von Bredow's Pants Willibald Alexis. The name of the monastery is also associated with this de legend: `` Lenin '' consonant with"deer".

In the Middle Ages, during the internal colonization of the Brandenburg Mark, the Lenin Monastery played a major role. besides this, the monastery also has a very important cultural significance. The monastery church is considered to be one of the most significant Romanesque and brick Gothic buildings in Brandenburg. The restoration of the church at the end of the 19th century is recognized as a model for the protection of architectural monuments.

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