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Carnuntum Archaeological Park in Austria

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At the beginning of our era, a military outpost of the Roman Empire was located on the site of the present Carnuntum archaeological park. Emperor Trajan created a settlement that grew up around a military camp. Baths, an amphitheater, a forum, living quarters, and more were built around the camp. At one time, the city was upset, developed, and its population reached 50,000.

The excavations occupy a huge area. Most of the remains of the ancient city are located in the park, which surrounds the baroque Petronel castle. In the western part of the park, excavations have been going on for more than 20 years, here were discovered the ruins of a tavern, a trading square with buildings, and a bath. Historians suggest that it was in this place that the center of the ancient city of Carnuntum was located.

Thanks to archaeologists, some buildings were restored: the villa of Urban, one of the nobility, the home of the famous fabric merchant Lucius in the city.

On the site where the castle is located today Petronel, which has the status of a museum, according to experts, contains many fragments of buildings of a Roman settlement.

Today, the total territory of the park covers an area of about 10 square kilometers and this, apparently, is not the limit. Archaeological excavations are still underway here, but at the same time, the park is open to tourists. Here you can see and learn a lot of interesting things from the ancient life of the Romans. Residents' houses, baths, city halls, pavements and streets - all this can be seen in the archaeological complex Petronel. Also in the park, the gardens of the ancient city have been territorially restored, which have the same types of trees and plants as during the Roman Empire.

On June 5 and 6, theatrical performances and gladiator fights are held in Carnuntum, which you can even take part in.

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Topic: Carnuntum Archaeological Park in Austria.Carnuntum Archaeological Park in Austria

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