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Sharjah Desert Park in UAE, Sharjah Resort

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The Desert Park is located 28 kilometers from Sharjah, it is also called the capital of museums.

The area of the park is approximately 1 square kilometer. There are several museums on its territory, which are located at a short distance from each other:
  • The Museum of Natural History recreates a set of phenomena, objects, environmental factors that determine the conditions of human life in the marine ecosystem and desert. With the help of the latest technologies, various natural phenomena are demonstrated here, such as the eruption of a volcano, the fall of meteorites. Prehistoric landscapes are also of great interest.
  • The Botanical Museum was opened to visitors in 2006 and is the youngest museum in the park. Here you can get acquainted with the flora typical for the UAE.
  • The Arabian Living Culture Center introduces tourists to the representatives of the local fauna. In the center's zoo, both common species of animals (hyenas, baboons and others) and rare species (spider camel, Arabian leopard, sand cat and others) are presented.  
  • The children's farm gives young visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with local pets, watch how they are looked after. The most exemplary children are allowed to stroke and play with animals.      

There is a Center for the Breeding of Endangered Wild Plants and Animals of the Arab Countries on the territory of the desert park - this is a research and breeding institute, but it is closed to the public.

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Topic: Sharjah Desert Park in UAE, Sharjah Resort.Sharjah Desert Park in UAE, Sharjah Resort

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