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Wildlife Cente in the UAE, Sharjah Resort

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The Wildlife Cente was opened in 1999. This is the only reserve in the UAE, where almost all species of animals living on the Arabian Peninsula are represented. Among them there are about 45 species of animals that are on the verge of extinction, such as the Arabian leopard, Hubar bustard, Arabian oryx, rock hyrax and others.

It is recommended to start visiting the park by watching a video about fauna and flora of the Arabian Peninsula on the screen, which is located inside the main entrance. Then you can go see the aquarium, terrarium and insect house. It is very interesting to look at various types of snakes, including venomous ones, lizards, scorpions and rare spiders. Aquariums are home to a large number of tropical fish, among which you can see such rare species as blind fish living in the cave of Oman.

Flamingos and various songbirds live in aviaries. Wild cats of the desert are represented by caracals, wild and sand cats and others. Also in the park live traditional animals for the UAE - baboons, hyenas, wolves, foxes and so on.

All animals are kept in conditions that are as close as possible to natural. Wherever possible, animals live in the open air behind fences. Many representatives of the desert fauna are nocturnal animals, and therefore there are sections in the reserve that are darkened ("Night House") during the visit, and at night, when the"Wildlife Center" is closed, they are illuminated.

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Topic: Wildlife Cente in the UAE, Sharjah Resort.Wildlife Cente in the UAE, Sharjah Resort

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