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Palazzo Abatellis in Italy, Sicily resort

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Palazzo Abatellis is an ancient palace located in the Kalsa quarter. The palace currently houses the Regional Art Gallery of Sicily.

The building was built in the 15th century as a residence for Francesco Abatellis. The author of the project was the architect Matteo Carnelivari. The building was made in the Gothic-Catalan style. After the death of Abatellis, the palace went to his wife, and she, in turn, bequeathed the estate to the convent. In 1535-1541 a chapel was added to the building. In the 18th century, the chapel was abolished and divided into several rooms. The altar was relocated, the front part was used as a reception area, and the shops were placed in the back.

During the Second World War, the building of the palace was subjected to a terrible bombing – the portico, the walls of the western tower, the covered balcony and the south-western sector were completely destroyed. At the end of the war, the palace was restored by architects Armando Dillon and Mario Guiotto. Upon completion, the palace was turned into a gallery of medieval art, which opened its doors in 1954.

Currently, the Regional Art Gallery of Sicily houses a collection of works of art. Some of the exhibits were acquired in 1866 from some religious orders after the closure. Initially, the exhibits were kept in the gallery of the University of Regia, and in the 19th century they were transported to the National City Museum.

On the ground floor you can see works of art XIV – XV centuries, woodwork of the XII century, majolica XIV – XVII century.

On the second floor is the famous painting `` Annunciation '', created in the 15th century by Antonello da Messina. There are other paintings by Messina, as well as works by foreign artists.


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Topic: Palazzo Abatellis in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Abatellis in Italy, Sicily resort

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