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Saint-Gervais in France, Paris resort

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The Parisian late Gothic church, right behind the City Hall building.

The uniqueness of this building lies in the fact that the church was built on the foundations of the 4th century. Since that time, one of the oldest French Christian churches stood here. The church, which can be seen now, began to be built in 1494. The construction lasted for a total of about 150 years.

The general plan of the church is sustained in the strict canons of late Gothic, but the facade, built only in the 17th century, is closer to French classicism.

During the First World War, a German shell hit a church on Good Friday. About a hundred people died a memorial plaque was made in their memory.

Many Catholic pilgrims come to this church to see firsthand what is considered the oldest organ in France.

Another attraction of the church is a huge elm tree that has been growing since the Middle Ages. Under this tree, the Parisians persuaded to come to return money debts.


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Topic: Saint-Gervais in France, Paris resort.Saint-Gervais in France, Paris resort

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