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Hohenzollern Bridge in Germany, resort of Cologne

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The Hohenzollern Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Love, is one of the most interesting landmarks in Cologne. More recently, the bridge became a place of pilgrimage for young couples, and today hundreds of castles decorated with engraved names of lovers can be seen on the fence along the bridge. The number of deputies increases every day.

This tradition originates in Italy. According to legend, if a couple in love hangs a lock on the bridge and throws the key into the water - will never part.

The first bridge on this site was opened together with the Cologne railway station in 1859, and was called Cathedral. In 1907, as a result of the increased traffic intensity, the Cathedral Bridge was demolished, as it could not cope with the traffic flow. The opening of the new bridge with four railroad tracks took place in 1911.

The entrance to the bridge was decorated with neo-Romanesque towers designed by Franz Schwechten. Also on both sides were statues of the German kings of the Hohenzollern dynasty and the Prussian kings.

During the Second World War, this bridge was the busiest in Germany. In 1945 the bridge was destroyed.

The restoration of the bridge began immediately after the end of the war. The movement resumed already in 1948 – two railway tracks were put into operation. It was decided not to restore the towers at the entrance, and in 1958 they were completely dismantled. The restoration work on the bridge was completed in 1959.

In March 1985, work began on the widening of the bridge, during which two railway tracks were added, as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. Construction work was completed in 1989.


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Topic: Hohenzollern Bridge in Germany, resort of Cologne.Hohenzollern Bridge in Germany, resort of Cologne

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