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Odeon in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Odeon is a small theater built by Caesar Augustus Octavian during the Roman era. Unfired brick served as the material for the construction. The ruins of the theater were discovered in the 19th century. Currently, the Odeon is a monument of antiquity and one of the main tourist sites in Taormina.

The theater was built in the 3rd century BC, at that time the city was a military colony of the empire.

The ruins of the theater can be observed over the hill, which was named after Catherine of Alexandria. The theater was discovered quite by accident in 1892, before that its existence was not even suspected. The discovery was made by Antonio Bambara, a local blacksmith who, having bought a plot of land, began to work the land, until his pickaxe hit the red brick wall. A year later, archaeological excavations began here, and soon the building was raised to the surface of the earth.

The building is divided into three main sections – cave, auditorium and stage. In those days, musical performances were staged in the theater, and the stage also became a tribune for important officials, rulers, ministers of religious cults and the military.


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Topic: Odeon in Italy, Sicily resort.Odeon in Italy, Sicily resort

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