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Roman theater in Italy, Verona resort

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Roman theater in   Verona is an ancient Roman theater located on the slope of Castel San Pietro.

The theater was built in the 1st century AD. The theater consists of a stage with a backdrop, a semicircular cave and an orchestra with seats intended for noble spectators.

The theater is located on the banks of the Adige River. Throughout its history, it has suffered from floods more than once. In the Middle Ages, the site was covered with earth and built up with new buildings. Earlier on the site of the theater was the residence of Theodoric, and later of the Longobard rulers.

The theater was discovered in 1830, after the demolition of the dilapidated structures that appeared in its place. A wide staircase was dug up, leading to the top of the hill from the theater, an amphitheater with seating, as well as numerous arches and remains of the stage.

There are many ancient buildings around the theater. It is worth visiting the Monastery of San Gerolamo, which now houses the archaeological museum, and the 10th century Temple of Saints Sira and Libera.

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Topic: Roman theater in Italy, Verona resort.Roman theater in Italy, Verona resort

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