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Paris Gate in France, Paris resort

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The Parisian Gate is a gate built in the period from 1685 to 1692 on the site of medieval fortifications. Previously, this was the Gate of the Sick. In 1667, Louis XIV entered the city through these gates to receive the keys to the city from the magistrate. A year later, Lille was finally annexed to France and King Louis commissioned Simon Vollan, the then famous architect, to build a new gate to the city.

The new gate differed from the previous ones by a combination of massiveness and severity with sophistication and baroque pretentiousness. At the bottom of the gate are sculptures of Hercules and Mars: this symbolizes the power of the city. In the center of the gate, above the arch, the city's coat of arms and royal lilies are depicted. At the top of the gate, there is a sculpture of Nika, bringing luck and victory. On both sides of this figure are angels, blowing trumpets. Around the arch there is a parapet made of stone and"decorated" with shells.

The Parisian gate was recognized as a historical monument of France in 1975. The arch is located near the city hall of Lille and the Ghent hospital, so tourists often come to the gate.

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Topic: Paris Gate in France, Paris resort.Paris Gate in France, Paris resort

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