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The Cathedral in Spain, Gerona resort

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This Gothic cathedral, which defined the appearance of Gerona, began to be built in 1312, and was completed only at the end of the 16th century. The main entrance, decorated in the Baroque style and decorated with elements of new sculptural decor, can be accessed via a high staircase.

One of the attractions of the cathedral is the covered arcade. It is trapezoidal and built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style. Many of the ornamental capitals of the columns are partially damaged, but they are still interesting for their depictions of everyday life and scenes from the Bible. The arcade contains many tombstones, and a ruined Romanesque tower of double and single arched windows rises above it. And on the very last floor of the arcade you can see a collection of rich clothes.

The nave of this cathedral is one of the most spacious naves among other Gothic cathedrals. The cathedral snake is much lower. She, as well as the chapel and the covered gallery, fully comply with the canons.

The main altar of the cathedral is under a canopy. It is decorated with a retablo made in the 14th century by a silversmith. Behind the altar is the bishop's throne, which is a seat of stone decorated with friezes.

If you approach the church from the north, you can see the cathedral museum. It contains such great values as the 11th-12th-century Virgin of the 11th and 12th centuries, similar to the Madonna of Montserrat, and the ornate Apocalypse manuscript from 975. In the second hall of the museum there is a late Gothic cross of 1507, which is inlaid with mosaics, enamel and pearls, and another cross decorated with enamel.

In the corner of the third hall there are book covers for the 14th century books, and in the center are sculptures created in the 15th century. It also houses the Bible, which belonged to Charles V, and two altars. One of them shows 21 scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, and the second is decorated with silver and gold embroidery.  

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Topic: The Cathedral in Spain, Gerona resort.The Cathedral in Spain, Gerona resort

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