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Jasmund National Park in Germany

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Jasmund National Park is a park located on the Jasmund peninsula, opened in September 1990. The smallest park in Germany, its area is about 3000 hectares. On the territory of the park is the highest point of the island of Rugen: Mount Pikberg (161 meters high). The park was founded on the site of a natural chalk deposit. For a long time, chalk quarries have been developed here. However, since 1926, the coast was given over to a nature reserve, and since September 12, 1990, this corner of the coast has been declared a national park as part of the program for the creation of national parks in the GDR.

Chalk rocks are constantly being destroyed, while breaking trees. At the same time, fossils, fossil remains of various animals are revealed. The most notable place in the park is the"Royal Chair" - chalk rock 118 meters high. From the platform at the top of the cliff, a picturesque view of the Baltic Sea and the coast opens. About 300 thousand people come here annually. In the forests of the park there are many small bodies of water or depressions and lowlands filled with water. Where the water dries up, hollow swamps, covered with black alder, arise. In drier places, there is a forest pear, a forest apple, a yew and a mountain ash glogovina. Orchids grow here, in particular, a real slipper. Salt vegetation can be found on the northern coast of the park. The fauna of the park is the richest: in addition to the usual animals and insects, there is a unique alpine planarian, which lives only in mountain streams. Also in the mountains you can see kingfisher, swallows and chalk scoop. Peregrine falcon and white-tailed eagle are rarely seen due to the high attendance of the park.

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Topic: Jasmund National Park in Germany.Jasmund National Park in Germany

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