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Vesuvius Volcano in Italy, Naples resort

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Vesuvius is an active volcano located in the south of Italy, approximately 15 kilometers from the city of Naples. The volcano is located in the Campania region on the coast of the Gulf of Naples. It is part of the Apennine mountain system, reaches a height of 1281 meters.

Vesuvius is the only active volcano in continental Europe, and is also considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes. There are reports of more than 80 eruptions, the most famous eruption dates back to 79, when the cities of Oplontis, Herculaneum, Pompeii and the Stabius villas were destroyed. The last historical eruption of Mount Vesuvius occurred in 1944. Strong volcanic eruptions are usually interspersed with periods of weaker activity.

The volcano consists of three nested cones, the most ancient of which is Monte Somma, located outside. This arched rampart reaches 1138 meters in height. The second cone is located inside the Somme. At the very top there is a crater, at the bottom of which a third temporary cone is visible before violent eruptions.

Vesuvius is the only mountain towering over the Company. At the very foot of the volcano is the small coastal town of Torre Annunziata. At an altitude of 600 meters on the northwestern slope of Vesuvius is the volcanic observatory, which was founded in 1842.

The main cone of the volcano consists of interbedded layers of volcanic tuff and lava, which, when weathered, provide slopes of soil fertility. In the lower part there are plantations of vineyards and orchards, and pine forests grow higher up.

At the end of the 19th century, a pendulum funicular, consisting of two cars, worked before the volcano. Over time, this tourist attraction gained great fame, it was even considered a kind of tourist symbol, a song was also written in its honor, which is still popular today. In 1944, an eruption destroyed the funicular. In 1953, a chair lift was created on the slope, which became as popular as its predecessor, but due to an earthquake in 1980, the lift was badly damaged and they did not begin to restore it.


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Topic: Vesuvius Volcano in Italy, Naples resort.Vesuvius Volcano in Italy, Naples resort

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