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Dampierre Palace in France

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Dampier – one of those palaces in France, which was not both a palace and a fortress. This is a real palace built on a royal scale in the 17th century by the famous Duke de Chevreuse. The main functions of Dampierre have always been social events and sumptuous balls.

To some extent, this castle resembles Versailles, and even at one time could compete with it in the number of luxury items. De Chevreuse sought to make the most luxurious palace in France, but a little worse than the royal one, so as not to make King Louis angry at the loyal duke.

Heavy forged gates open a wide path to the castle building. There is a park on both sides of this path, in the center of which there is an artificial lake, fenced with gray stones. Snow-white swans swim in this lake.

The interior of the castle has not fully preserved its original appearance. So, for example, the main room for the points was restored only at the end of the 19th century and is not very similar to what it was before. Both in style of decoration and in furnishings that resemble the 19th century rather than the Sun King.


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Topic: Dampierre Palace in France.Dampierre Palace in France

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