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Palace of Versailles in France, Paris resort

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Versailles is one of the most visited tourist attractions in France. At the same time, being a symbol of the country, it is also a symbol of the European monarchy, all its refinement, chic and pretentiousness.

The palace and park complex was built under King Louis XIV, under his strict leadership. King's father Louis XIII used Versailles as a small hunting estate, on the site of which is now a marble courtyard. Louis XIV, in 1661 ordered the expansion of the palace, since he needed a permanent royal residence, far from the Louvre, which at that time the rebels were already trying to storm.

The palace was under construction for half a century, and was completed 5 years before the death of the `` sun king '', in 1705. During this time, nothing remained of the former feudal castle; Versailles became a real work of art. The mirror gallery of the palace, which occupies the entire facade of the first floor, already at that time could easily become an art museum of the classicism era. Columns, mirrors and paintings, located here, amaze anyone with their beauty to this day.

The second floor of the palace is the so-called Great Chambers of the King. All the salons of the rooms are not alike and are rightfully considered a monument of architecture, art and history of the state. In 1979, UNESCO added Versailles to its World Heritage List.

Gradually, with the development of the palace, a city began to emerge around it, where artisans, jewelers and other craftsmen began to settle. serving the French crown.

In addition to the main palace premises, the Versailles Museum complex also includes the famous park in front of the palace. The greenhouses of the park have a strict shape and in relation to each other retain geometric proportions.

After the Great French Revolution, the importance of the palace as a state residence was lost, Versailles was turned into a museum.

During the 20th century, the palace complex served as a place of signing the most important treaties between the countries participating in the World Wars.


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Topic: Palace of Versailles in France, Paris resort.Palace of Versailles in France, Paris resort

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