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Fontainebleau Palace and Park in France

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The palace, built during the Renaissance, gave rise and name to the whole city that grew up around. This building is perhaps the most legendary in terms of the attitude of the French kings to it. Since Louis VII, all the kings of France lived here.

From the point of view of the architectural style, Fontainebleau is designed in the style of mannerism. It is also worth noting that it was from this castle that Mannerism spread throughout France.

Fontainebleau is also the first castle-residence of the country's top rulers, which does not have a fortress wall and powerful defensive fortifications.

The park of the same name was laid out on the site of a dense forest, in which all French kings, without exception, hunted. The famous Fontainebleau Canal was dug by order of Henry IV, who loved to fish. The same species of fish still swim here as under the previous rulers.

Louis XIV, being already the full ruler of the state, orders the transfer of the royal residence to Versailles, and a period of oblivion begins for Fontainebleau, which ended with the coming to power of Napoleon. Bonaparte personally ordered to restore the hanging castle and decorate it with Empire elements.


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Topic: Fontainebleau Palace and Park in France.Fontainebleau Palace and Park in France

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