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Castle d'Albertis in Italy, Genoa resort

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Castle d ’ Albertis was previously the estate of Captain Enrico Alberto d ’ Albertis. In 1932, after the death of the captain, the castle was nationalized. Nowadays, the building houses the Museum of the Culture of Peace, and the castle itself is a monument of cultural and historical significance.

Traveler Enrico d ’ Albertis served in the Royal Italian Navy, after in the Merchant Navy. In 1879 he founded the first Italian yacht club, after the creation of which Enrico decided to devote his life to yachting. First, he set out on the Columbus route in boats equipped with his own navigation instruments. Enrico was able to circumnavigate the globe three times, also sailed around the African continent, and organized archaeological excavations with Arturo Issel. In general, the life of Enrico d'Albertis was very eventful.

In 1886, Enrico began building his own castle on the site of the city walls dating from the 16th century. In 1892, the construction of the neo-Gothic castle was completed. The construction of the castle was carried out under the direction of the architect Alfredo d ’ Andrade. This villa was the first in Genoa built in the form of a castle. During the construction, the ancient structures were preserved, and today one of the ancient towers and the ruins of the bastion can be observed on the territory of the castle. The castle was built on the hill of Monte Galletto, which offers a stunning view of the city.

In 2004, the city was declared the cultural capital of Europe, and in this regard, the Museum of World Cultures was opened in the castle. The rich collections of the museum present to the attention of visitors objects of the indigenous peoples of Oceania, America and Africa. Some of the exhibits were collected personally by the navigator d ’ Albertis during his travels. Later, the Museum of Music of the Nations of the World was housed in the annex of the castle.


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Topic: Castle d'Albertis in Italy, Genoa resort.Castle d'Albertis in Italy, Genoa resort

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