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Zabeel park in the UAE, Dubai resort

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Zabil Park is located near the Emirates Towers, almost in the center of Dubai. Its area is about 51 hectares. The entire park is divided by highways into three parts. Parts of the park are connected by pedestrian bridges.

Beautiful fountains, a lake where you can swim on boats, a cricket field, jogging tracks, well-equipped picnic areas are located in Zabil Park , playgrounds. On the territory of the park there is an entertainment center for adults and children Stargate.

Another decoration of Zabil Park is the building"New Moon". This structure is made in the shape of a crescent, which is a symbol of the energy and strength of the countries of the East.

Inside the building there are 5 multi-level sites, each of which symbolizes the 5 tenets of Islam: prayer, faith, mercy, pilgrimage and mutual aid. The structure includes a cafe, conference room, information desk and children's library.


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Topic: Zabeel park in the UAE, Dubai resort.Zabeel park in the UAE, Dubai resort

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