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Forum Mussolini in Italy, Rome resort

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The Mussolini Forum, now better known as the Italian Forum, is a monumental sports complex built in 1928-1938. Initially, the forum was used to attract members of the youth organization Opera Nazionale Balilla to physical education. The forum was built to host the 1940 Olympic Games, which Italy applied for, at the initiative of Mussolini, but the right to host the games went to Japan.

At the end of World War II, the complex was renamed Foro Italico. The forum hosted such popular competitions as the 1960 Olympic Games, 1990 – FIFA World Cup, 2009 – World Aquatics Championship.

The forum was built next to Palazzo della Farnesina, at the foot of Monte Mario. Nowadays, the complex includes the Marble Stadium, the Olympic Stadium, tennis courts, swimming pools, the Imperia square with a marble fountain, the Mussolini obelisk. Access to the Olympic Stadium is via the Ponte Duca d ’ Aosta.

The Mussolini Forum is a typical and well-preserved example of the use of sport for the ideology of master race and fascism.

The ancient traditions of creating the architecture of Rome were idealized by the Italian fascists. The style of the construction of monumental buildings in Italy, such as monumental arches, forums, goes back to that time. The Forum is the most direct expression of these ideas, from newly erected structures. Today, these buildings still contain fascist symbols.

The forum was designed by Luigi Moretti and Enrico del Debio. In November 1932, the first group of buildings was opened – Obelisk of Mussolini, Palace of the Academy of Fascism and Stadium dei Marmo. In May 1937, the Palazzo del Terme, the Olympic Stadium, the Arsenal and the Plaza Imperia were opened. In December 1938, the construction of the complex was officially completed.

The construction of the Ponte Duca d ’ Aosta bridge was carried out in 1939-1942. The author of the project was Vincenzo Fasolo. The width of the bridge reaches 30 meters, and the length is –   220 meters. The pylon of the bridge was decorated with bas-reliefs about the struggle of the 20th century.

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Topic: Forum Mussolini in Italy, Rome resort.Forum Mussolini in Italy, Rome resort

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