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Curia Julia in Italy, Rome resort

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The Curia Julia, located in the Roman Forum, was formerly the meeting place of the Roman Senate.

The first curia in Rome was located on the site where today there is the church of Santi Luca e Martin, but after a fire that occurred in 52 BC. the structure was completely destroyed. A new curia was erected by order of Caesar, and construction was completed in 29 BC. Emperor Augustus. In 283, a fire broke out in the building, after which the building was almost completely destroyed, but was soon restored by Diocletian.

The building has been well preserved due to the fact that the church of Sant'Adriano was located here since the 7th century.

The main hall of the curia was designed for 300 seats. Only fragments of floor tiles made of colored marble have survived from the interior decoration of the curia to our time. Today, the building houses two marble reliefs that previously adorned the Rostra – oratorical tribune. One of them depicts Emperor Trajan, destroying tax documents, the second - – a charity for needy Roman families.

The bronze doors of the curia are now copies, the originals were moved to the Lateran Basilica in the 17th century.


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Topic: Curia Julia in Italy, Rome resort.Curia Julia in Italy, Rome resort

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