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Palazzo Re Enzo in Italy, Bologna resort

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Palazzo Re Enzo is a beautiful palace in Bologna, named after Enzo – ruler of Sardinia, who was the stepson of Emperor Frederick II and was imprisoned in the palace from 1249 until his death (1272).

The palace was erected in 1245 as a continuation of the adjacent palace Podesta. In those days, it was simply called the New Palace (Palazzo Nuovo). During the Battle of Fossalta in 1248, Enzo of Sardinia was captured, who after a short stay in the city of Anzola was transported to Bologna and imprisoned in Palazzo Nuovo.

Legend has it that in daytime the prisoner was allowed to walk around the palace, however, at nightfall, he was again locked in a cage, which was suspended from the ceiling. The prisoner had his own court staff and even a personal chef. Enzo also had the right to see women, resulting in the birth of his three daughters. According to unconfirmed reports, Enzo also had a son from a simple peasant woman, who later became the ancestor of the influential Bentivoglio family. The last will of Enzo was to bury his remains in the church of San Domenico, which was executed.

In 1386, the Hall of Three Hundreds by Antonio di Vicenzo was completed, which later became the city archive. The last floor of the palace was reconstructed in 1771 under the direction of Giovanni Giacomo Dotti. The floor acquired its present appearance in the 20th century during the reconstruction designed by Alfonso Rubbiani.

Next to the palace is the chapel of Santa Maria dei Carcerati. The ground floor of the palazzo housed a four-wheeled altar carriage and other military weapons. The middle floor housed the praetor's offices and another chapel.


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Topic: Palazzo Re Enzo in Italy, Bologna resort.Palazzo Re Enzo in Italy, Bologna resort

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