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Church of San Giacomo Maggiore in Italy, Bologna resort

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The Church of San Giacomo Maggiore was previously part of the monastery of the same name, which was founded by the Order of the Hermits of St. Augustine, and existed until the beginning of the 19th century. The founding of the order took place in 1247, and 20 years later, its novices built a monastery around the church of St. Cecilia and laid the foundation for the temple of San Giacomo Maggiore. The temple was completed only in 1344.
For many years, the support and protection of the church was provided by the influential family of Bologna. In 1437, A.G. was buried in the church. Bentivoglio, in whose hands the secular power of Bologna was concentrated at that time. His great-grandson, a hundred years after the death of his grandfather, took up the reconstruction of his grave, as a result of which a large-scale reconstruction of the entire church was carried out. The walls of the temple were decorated with hand-made frescoes, which were created by the painters Lorenzo Costa, Amiko Aspertini and Francesco Francia.
In the 18th century, the monastery, having lost its significance, was closed, and later part of its premises were handed over to the Bologna Conservatory.
The construction of the church began from the western facade – this part has best preserved its original appearance. The facade was decorated with a small edikula with a statue of Jesus Christ. The facade of the church acquired its present appearance in the 16th century.
The bell tower of the monastery was built in 1336, and several levels were added to the structure a century and a half later. In 1477-1481, a portico was erected along Via Zamboni, which gave the complex a uniform look.
It is worth visiting the Bentivoglio Chapel, where the remains of Anton Galeazzo and his family rest. The chapel was made in the heraldic colors of the family – red and blue scale.

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Topic: Church of San Giacomo Maggiore in Italy, Bologna resort.Church of San Giacomo Maggiore in Italy, Bologna resort

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