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Ovech Fortress in Bulgaria

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The Ovech Fortress is located east of the city of Provadia, on a mountain plateau in the eastern part of Bulgaria.

The construction of the fortress was carried out in the IV century by the Byzantines. From the 9th century to the end of the 17th century, the fortress was used for defensive purposes. The fortress reached its greatest prosperity during the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The main gate of the fortress was carved into the rock, and the vaulted walls extended more than 10 meters deep. According to legend, in the karst caves near the fortress, the inhabitants of the city hid grain and food during sieges.

In our time, the bridge connecting the castle and the Tabiite plateau, containers for grain, wells for water collection, two single-slashed churches dating from the XII-XIV centuries, a stone gate in the northern part, and watchtowers.

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Topic: Ovech Fortress in Bulgaria.Ovech Fortress in Bulgaria

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