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Fortress Shumen in Bulgaria

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Today the fortress city of Shumen is a transport, economic, cultural and tourist center of North-Eastern Bulgaria. The city is located on both banks of the Poroina River.

Shumen is an old fortress city. The famous Shumen Fortress was built over six eras – Roman, Thracian, Ottoman-Turkish, early Byzantine, and during the periods of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

According to archaeological finds, the very first settlement in the region appeared in the 12th century BC

Along with Preslav and Pliska, the city in the VII-XII centuries was an old Bulgarian fortification, which later could develop into a feudal city. During the development period, workshops, an internal fortress, a large number of churches and a castle were built here. In the XIV century, Tsar Ivan Shishman visited Shumen, as evidenced by an inscription discovered during excavations.

In 1001, the fortress was conquered by the Byzantines, but soon after the siege of the Pechenegs it was destroyed, but years later it was rebuilt.

The first mention of the city dates back to 1153, when the city was known as Simeonis.

In the XII-XIV centuries Shumen was a significant military, economic and administrative center.

In 1388 the city was captured by the Turks. In 1444, the Crusaders captured and destroyed the fortress, but the city continued to develop as well. During the Russo-Turkish War, Shumen was turned into a fortified city.

During archaeological excavations carried out here since 1957, two reservoirs were discovered,

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Topic: Fortress Shumen in Bulgaria.Fortress Shumen in Bulgaria

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