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Shaolin Monastery in China

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This monastery was founded by the monk Bato in 495 during the reign of Taihe. The grand opening took place on March 31.

Shaolin is famous for the fact that it was in this monastery, as well as in all monasteries with this name, that famous martial arts were improved and created, which laid the foundation for many modern types of martial arts.

There were about 10 Shaolin monasteries in China in total. In addition, due to the popularity of China in the countries of the East, monasteries with this name were found in Vietnam, Korea and Japan. However, only one monastery on Mount Songshan has survived to this day. This monastery still stands, despite the huge number of fires.

Now the monastery looks like all the monasteries of the last Qing dynasty looked like. The fire of 1928 destroyed almost the entire monastery, however, in 1980, by order of the Chinese government, the monastery was restored to its original form and turned into a tourist center. During different dynasties, the appearance of the monastery was constantly changing - this is evidenced by the frescoes in the premises of the building.

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Topic: Shaolin Monastery in China.Shaolin Monastery in China

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