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Wudang Mountain in China

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This mountain is located in Hubei province near the city of Shiyan. It is famous for the fact that a large number of Taoist monasteries are located on its slopes.

A Taoist university is also located on this mountain. It contains absolutely unique knowledge in the fields of meditation, nutrition systems, medicine and pharmacology. In addition, this mountain is popular among lovers of martial arts: on its slopes there are monasteries, second only to Shaoln in glory.

The Temple of the Five Dragons - the first temple that appeared on this mountain - was opened here during the Tang Dynasty, in the 7-9 century AD. And under Emperor Yongle, in the 15th century, large-scale construction work was carried out here. According to historians, more than 300 thousand people took part in them.

9 temples and 9 monasteries, 72 shrines were built here, 36 sketes, as well as many bridges, turrets and pavilions. All this is combined into 33 architectural ensembles. All construction lasted over 12 years. Interestingly, Emperor Yongle himself never visited Wudangshan Mountain, although he started all this construction so that the spirits would forgive him his sins.

When in 1966-1976 there was a cultural revolution in China, for the temple complexes on the mountain have fallen on very hard times. Almost all the monasteries were destroyed. However, later they were all restored, and in the shortest possible time.

In 1994, all the temple complexes on the mountain were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

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Topic: Wudang Mountain in China.Wudang Mountain in China

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