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Songshan Mountain in China

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This mountain is one of the 5 sacred mountains of China. Its second name is Zhongyue - Central Mountain.

On this mountain is the temple of the Taoists Zhongyuemyao. This temple founded by   more than two thousand years ago during the Qin dynasty, is the oldest Taoist temple. Also here is the very first Chinese pagoda Songyuesa and the world famous Shaolin Monastery.

Zhongyuemyao Temple was built at the very foot of the mountain, at a distance of 4 kilometers from the city of DengFeng. This temple is one of the most recognizable temples in the entire country. It houses the oldest Taoist altar in China.

The building of the temple was built in the likeness of the government palace in Beijing. The temple consists of 10 halls. The area of the main one, Tianzhunge, is about 92 square meters.

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Topic: Songshan Mountain in China.Songshan Mountain in China

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