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Mount Emeishan in China

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This mountain, dedicated to Bodhisattva Pusyan, is located 160 kilometers west of Chengdu. Its highest point is – the peak of Ten Thousand Buddhas, whose height is 3099 meters. The mountain is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains.

The very first Taoist temple was built here in 25-220 AD. during the Han dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, the mountain became an object of pilgrimage for Buddhists because of the two hundred sanctuaries built here. Only 20 monasteries and temples have survived to this day, now the government plans to restore them.

Swimming pool for elephants (Xixian Chi). This pool is located at an altitude of 2070 meters, where two roads leading to the top of the mountain used to cross. According to legend, in this hexagonal pool, the Bodhisattva Pusyan bathed his beloved elephant. A temple was built on the edge of the pool, which dates back to 1699.
Pure sound pavilion. This structure is located at an altitude of 770 meters, where the Black Dragon and White Dragon rivers meet. The pavilion was named so because of the soft sound that rivers produce when they merge with each other.
Temple of Eternity (Wannian Si). This temple is at an altitude of 1020 meters. It began to be built during the Jin Dynasty, and finished already during the Ming Dynasty. During a forest fire in 1946, the temple, with the exception of Zhuan Dian Hall, was destroyed. In 1953, the building was restored and two more churches were added to it. Now the temple houses a bronze statue of the Bodhisattva Pusyan lying on an elephant. Its height is 7.3 meters, and its weight – 63 tons.
Country Service Temple (Baogo Si). This temple is located at the very base of the mountain, sometimes it is called the door to the Buddhist Mecca. Almost all temple buildings were built under the Wanli emperor. The temple contains numerous valuable and sacred items. Among them is a statue of the Buddha 2.4 meters high. It was created in 1415 and is completely covered in porcelain. Also worth seeing is the pagoda, which is 7 meters high. It was built during the Ming Dynasty and is decorated with almost five thousand small Buddha figures.
Temple of the Conquered Tiger (Fuhu Si). This temple was built in 1651 on the site of an older structure dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The temple was named in the hope that it would protect them from the attacks of the tigers,

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