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Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

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Ostrog is still a functioning Serbian Orthodox monastery. Its location is the mountains not far from the city of Danilovgrad and 30 km from the capital of Montenegro. The monastery got its foundation back in the 17th century, and the founder was Saint Basil of Ostrog, miracle worker and healer. Today, 12 monks live in the monastery.

The lower part of the prison is represented by cells and the Church of the Holy Trinity with the relics of the young new martyr Stanko, who died for the faith. The upper part, separated from the lower by a rather extensive road, is embedded directly into the rock. Here tourists can visit Holy Cross Church and Vvedensky Church of the Virgin Mary.

Legend has it, that the relics of St. Basil have a miraculous effect and are able to heal diseases and help people solve their life problems. For this reason, the annual flow of pilgrims to this holy place does not stop. Among them are Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Muslims who believe in the miraculous power of holy relics.

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Topic: Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro.Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

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