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Ho Chi Minh Museum in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort

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The Ho Chi Minh Museum is located not far from the former residence and study of Ho Chi Minh, next to the ancient pagoda.

The very first exhibits were items   from the president's native village, where he spent his youth, and also a large collection of items related to some periods of his life. This museum was built with the aim of preserving memorable and valuable things associated with the humble and simple life of Ho Chi Minh.

A year after the president's death, a special committee was created to preserve the presidential palace as a historical monument. The Soviet government and people took part in the construction of the museum. The formation of teams of specialists, projects and most of the preparatory work fell on the Soviet Union. The group of architects was headed by Garon Isakovich, who also played a significant role in the construction of a monument to Lenin, the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and the Palace of Culture in Hanoi. The grand opening of the building took place in May 1990 on the 100th anniversary of the president.

From a distance, this grandiose structure resembles a lotus flower, symbolizing the heart of the Vietnamese people. The building is 20 meters high. The museum is divided into two sections – the upper section differs from the lower one by the characteristic features of oriental architecture.

The building was designed in the shape of an octagon – the number of walls is exactly the number of lotus petals. The four walls of the museum are decorated with stylized drawings. At the eastern gate is the main entrance to the building.

According to Vietnamese traditional philosophy, the earth was previously square and the sky was round. This idea can be clearly seen in the Ceremonial Hall, where the square floor symbolizes the earth, and the round ceiling - and ndash; sky.

Most of the museum's exhibits are dedicated to Ho Chi Minh, the people of Vietnam and the country itself. The museum's archive contains over 100 thousand exhibits and documents. There are also several halls on the territory of the museum, in which scientific conferences and other cultural events are often held.

One of the expositions of the museum is dedicated to Vietnamese traditional crafts – varnishing, stone and wood carving.

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Topic: Ho Chi Minh Museum in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort.Ho Chi Minh Museum in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort

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