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Residence of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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Ho Chi Minh's residence is located behind the presidential palace, surrounded by mango trees. The first president of North Vietnam lived and worked in this building from 1958 until his death.

Behind the house, a small orchard was laid out, where a tree with milk fruits grows between rows of orange trees, which was donated by Ho Chi Mine in 1954 by his southern compatriots. There are also over 30 rare tree species provided by the Ministry of Flattering Lands, the Ministry of Agriculture and the provinces of Vietnam. The garden is also home to plants brought from other countries, such as miniature rose bushes, bamboo trees, catechu palms, etc.

After the death of the president, the house remained intact. In the shadows under the house where Ho Chi Minh liked to receive guests, there was a long table, in the left corner of which there was a rattan chair on which the president sat during the reception. In the other corner there were three telephones for communication with the executive department, the Politburo, etc. In the right corner there was an aquarium for the entertainment of children who came to visit.

The interior in both rooms of the house is rather sparse: the bedroom contains only a wardrobe and bed, and in the other room – bookcase, chair and table. The only comforts in the house were a small electric fan, a fan of palm leaves, a small thermos, a mosquito trap, a radio, and a bottle of water. A small bronze bell hung by the door as a bell. In this house, Ho Chi Minh received only high-ranking officials, close friends and children.

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Topic: Residence of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Hanoi resort.Residence of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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